FP420 R&D Project


Latest news 13/04/2008

FP420 notes associated with the R&D document are now available from the papers page

The next meeting of the ATLAS Forward Physics upgrade group will be in Paris on May 19th - 20th. For details, please contact




FP420 Papers and Reviews


FP420 notes:

FP420 Design Report - The conclusion of the R&D collaboration

FP420 Note 2008-001 - High voltage bias and low voltage power supply, Henning E. Larsen.

FP420 Note 2008-002 - A study of central exclusive production of Higgs -> WW at CMS, A. Vilela Pereira, University of Torino and INFN-Torino, Italy.

The FP420 LOI can be found here

Two new papers, focusing on the discovery of MSSM Higgs bosons using FP420, have recently been published:

Detecting Higgs bosons in the bb decay channel using forward proton tagging at the LHC, arXiv:0709.3035 [hep-ph]

Studying the MSSM Higgs sector by forward proton tagging at the LHC, arXiv:0708.3052 [hep-ph]

CERN EDMS Note 771549 - TS-MME, 31/08/06

The Manchester forward physics Wiki page contains details of FP420 integration into ATLAS, and progress on ExHuME, gamma gamma and other topics being worked on at Manchester

The UK FP420 R&D proposal, minus the financial details, is here

A recent review of the physics motivations behind FP420 (by Brian) here

The section of the HERA-LHC workshop proceedings dealing with the acceptance calculations at 220m and 420m by the Helsinki group is here

The draft of the triggering document by Monica et al. is here

Detecting the Standard Model Higgs Boson in the WW decay channel using forward proton tagging at the LHC is here

Mike Alborws missing mass paper is here

Also by Mike, A review of double pomeron physics at the LHC, applications of the missing mass technique, and The White Pomeron.